Thursday, January 6, 2011


In December 2010 Los Angeles witnessed a major act of censorship by the Museum of Contemporary Art. Not a single Los Angeles based organization even questioned this shameful act, let alone protest it or defend the freedom of expression.
A group of Los Angeles artists responded by organizing a very successful street campaign, reports of which have been covered by major news and internet media outlets internationally.
As more artists started coming together it seemed only natural to provide a platform for communication, and exchange of ideas.
LA RAW represents this growing collective. All official information, announcements and statements will be posted on this page.
BLU's mural at the L.A. MoCA's Geffen building
There have been many articles covering the aftermath of the whitewash by MoCA's director Jeffrey Deitch. The best article regarding this incident was written by Nicolas Lampert that was published on You can find many other write-ups by simply searching on Google.

WE have also set up a Facebook page for LA RAW for those of you who like to get the news of the future events through Facebook.

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