Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Occupy Wall Street & Beyond!

This photo says it all!
This photo was found on facebook.com/MYCLASSPAGE on October 4, 2011. We are not sure what the main source is but the important thing is how it captures the essence of what's going on in the US today.

The man in the photo is not a criminal because we know that he is one of the many in Occupy Wall Street protesters. The police officer has him pinned down with his knee, a great symbol of who the law enforcement protects. And in the meantime the mainstream media keeps telling people that nobody knows what the people are protesting! A sad state of affairs for a country that claims to be the liberators of others! How long are people going to stay ignorant is something that only time will tell. But one thing that is clear is that based on the rapid growth of the protests across the US, more of the 99% keep joining in and the government and its legislators who compose 44% of the rich- the 1%- will be forced to deal with this situation sooner rather than later.

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