Friday, April 1, 2011

Desperately Seeking Artist!

The following appeared on craigslist on Friday April 1, 2011

Artist Wanted

Contemporary Art “museum” seeks street artist to do a very large mural on the museum's exterior wall.
Great opportunity to generate international publicity for your work!
Sketches should be submitted in advance. Design may NOT include any reference to social/political/cultural issues, ie. education, labor, war, arts budget cuts, censorship, etc.
All submitted designs must be abstract, void of meaning, and lacking substance of any kind.
All submissions MUST include a contract signed by the artist agreeing to the following:
- To release museum of any responsibility in the event of any city regulation violation leading to the removal of said mural.
- To not communicate with press and the media in any form, written, verbal, visual, cyber, etc.
- To not disclose any information you might acquire in the course of your work in regards to city government, officials running for the office of the mayor and the major contributors to their campaigns, be it venture philanthropist/former or current real estate developers or other interested parties in development negotiations with the city.
- To comply with museum's definitions for various words and phrases such as agreeing that removal of artwork is not censorship but is a curatorial decision. This includes any words that may need future definition alteration as seen fit by museum staff.
Museum reserves the right to determine all issues pertaining to sensitivity especially regarding candidates for future city government offices.
All compensation due to the artist will be paid out of museum executive’s personal funds and is not subject to public scrutiny.

A- Although museum building might be under the ownership of the city, artist is solely responsible for complying with all city regulations concerning the legal issues pertaining to executing public art and museum does not feel the need to function within the boundaries of government regulations even if said museum may be a public entity.
B- Selected artist is solely responsible towards any future loss of reputation or dignity, especially among colleagues and peers.
C- This announcement is published only to further public discussion of various issues concerning the state of the arts and culture and is not a real job offer.

From craigslist

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