Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Opening" Protest at MOCA

Culture Wars continue at LA MOCA.
The following video is a short report on the protest that took place during the opening of "Art in the Streets".

Statements from participating artists/performers:

How The West Was Won

MOCA director Deitch couldn't digest the painfully truthful worldwide view of US Imperialism Blu painted. So instead, he whitewashed and replaced it with the US Government/Hollywood sanctioned version we now see. True Blue Amerikan Censorship!

Joe Talkington - Butoh Sculptor

I think it's very dangerous to view MOCA's reaction to BLU's anti-war mural by erasing it as anything less than censorship. I believe not to boycott this show after the mural has been buffed would be to go against the very intention of any street art that isn't about self-aggrandizement. The quickest way to silence dissent is to give the dissenters authority and put them on the payroll.

Khadija Anderson
Poet/Butoh Artist

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  1. outstanding job. LA RAW holds it diddddown! who would have thought protesting imperialism could be so fun! Keep up the good work. The people need you!